Discover the Advantages of Innovative Packaging with Grass Fibre Content


    1. Eco-Friendliness

    • Quickly renewable raw material, protects the forests
    • Regional origin of unused agricultural land or compensation areas
    • Reduced CO2 emissions through lower energy consumption during production
    • Significantly lower water consumption than in pulp production from wood
    • Minimal use of process chemicals in production
    • Up to 40% grass content, the remaining part is of course made of waste paper fiber
    • 100% recyclable cardboard material


    2. Attract Attention. Strengthen Your Image.

    • The first experience of the recipient is the visual and haptic effect, which
      immediately conveys 100% of the ecological properties of the packaging.
    • While brown or grey is no longer perceived as a standard in the mass of shipments,
      this product immediately attracts a high level of attention and directly demonstrates
      the sender‘s ecological responsibility.


    3. Safety & Protection

    • The properties of the grass material are comparable to other boxes made of
      recycled paper fibre; thus our packaging remains as protective as ever.
    • With our assortment products made of grass cardboard you can be sure that in
      addition to the grass fibre content, the remaining part is made of 100% recycled
      paper fibres. Please pay attention to this!


    4. Diversity

    • Take advantage of quickly available stock products:
      from the small FIXCOLL compact envelope
      via the stable BRIEFBOX mailers
      to the popular POSTBOX for postal and parcel shipments
    • Or just make use of the numerous possibilities
      which we offer you with individual development and bespoke production:
      Really smart packaging solutions according to your wishes,
      whether in an envelope design, as a folding box or bookwrap,
      attractively printed, embossed or "natural" without.