Crash Lock Boxes Single Wall, with Peel and Seal


Application examples

  • Mugs, T-shirts and print shop products
  • Toys & hobby articles, Deco & promotional items
  • Prescription drugs, cosmetics and other chemist’s shop articles
  • Medical specimen & laboratory sets, moulded masks FFP, etc.


Product benefits

  • Fast and safe: Automatic bottom and solid brown B flute corrugated board
  • Powerful peel and seal: Saves time, adhesive tape and thus hard cash
  • Access protection by fully overlapping cover and bottom panel
  • Frustration-free: Convenient opening due to easy-open tear strip -
    the contents will not get damaged by opening attempts with knife or scissors
  • Ecological: Made from more than 90% recycled material, 100% recyclable
  • Also available with customised print, embossing or in special sizes


for (~)
Inside dim. in mm (approx.)Outside dim. in mm (approx.)g/pc.Qty./unitQty./palletItem No.
00brownMiscellaneous200 x 140 x 90205 x 145 x 10076102.200581101
0brownA5230 x 160 x 100235 x 165 x 110102101.760581151
1brownMiscellaneous265 x 135 x 100270 x 140 x 11090101.620581201
3brownMiscellaneous275 x 180 x 135280 x 185 x 14517010800581301
4 **brownA4310 x 230 x 100/160315 x 235 x 110/17019010880581401

** Size 4 with additional marking and creasing line at fill height 100mm