Decorative Filling Material 100% Recyclable


Application examples

  • For decorative padding and retention of:
  • Promotional and gift items
  • Wine and beverage bottles
  • Glass and ceramics

Product benefits

  • Attractive, effective and virtually dust-free
  • Flexible: Simply remove suitable amounts of filling as required
  • Remove, extract, use enormous padding volume
  • Ideal: Prevents damage and breakage
  • Ecological: 100% recycling paper, 100% recyclable
  • More pleasure than pain: Replaces unsightly filling chips and bubble wrap
  • Made in Germany. Available in many other attractive colours


Suitable for


NATURAL 2Filling material100% Recyclingpaper2 kg48590254
NATURAL 10Filling material100% Recyclingpaper10 kg12591054
RED 2Filling material100% Recyclingpaper2 kg48590247
RED 10Filling material100% Recyclingpaper10 kg12591047
BLACK 2Filling material100% Recyclingpaper2 kg48590243
BLACK 10Filling material100% Recyclingpaper10 kg12591043