Universal Mailing Packaging for Taping or Strapping


Application examples

  • Books & coffee-table books
  • Photo books, photo canvases
  • Calendars
  • DVD and BluRay movies


Product benefits

  • Budget twist-n-wrap packaging made from brown B flute corr. board (Testliner)
  • Adaptable fill height for optimum adaptation to the contents
  • Circumferential edge protection
  • Ideally suited for closure with packing tape or strapping band
  • Postage-optimised: Up to size C also at cost-saving Maxi Letter rate
  • Space-saving storage as flat blank
  • For your safety: Soft edge cutting lines
  • Ecological: Made from 100% recycled material, 100% recyclable
VARIASuitable for (~)

Inside dim.

in mm (approx.)

Fill height

in mm

Outside dim. in mm (approx.)Postage categoryg/pc.Qty./unitQty./palletItem No.
AA5, DVD165 x 225< 90170 x 270 x < 105 12211.000542100
BA5+200 x 297< 90205 x 310 x < 105 13011.000542200
CA4230 x 320< 90235 x 350 x < 105Maxi20011.000542300
DA4+320 x 353< 90325 x 370 x < 105 2741500542500
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