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    Your Expert in Packaging for Mail and Ship

    With a Wide Range of Goods


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    Customised Packaging Solutions

    For Highest Requirements

  • State-of-the-art Production Facilities

    Guarantee for Top Results


  • Manufacturing to Perfection

    Through Experience and Innovation


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    Reliable Selfsealing

    For Efficient and Safe Shipping

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    Integrated Easy-Open Tear Strip

    For Frustration-Free Opening


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    Secure Shipping Packaging

    Made of Solid Cardboard or Corrugated Board

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    Extra Tough

    Shipping Packaging with Edge Protection

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    Efficient Packaging Processes

    Due to Fast Handling

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    Attractive Designs

    Suitable for Trends & Season

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    Exceptional Gifts

    Packaging with Wooow-Effect

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    Protection Against Shipping Damage

    Useful and Practical Packing Materials


Your Expert in Packaging Solutions for Mail and Ship

From sturdy cardboard envelopes, over self-adhesive book packaging or crash lock boxes made of corrugated cardboard
to individually manufactured and highly finished packaging solutions tailored to customer requirements
we offer you a wide range of secure, attractive and environmentally friendly packaging.
With us you benefit from a reliable, creative partner and the direct line to the manufacturer.

Shipping packaging in particular is often underestimated, as it offers considerable potential
to positively surprise your customers right from the start and to optimize your own processes.
Convenient opening, no large waste disposal effort and simply because everything fits and can be used flexibly,
whether standard or individually manufactured. Frustration-free. Optimized. Eco-friendly.

Take a look at the products of our assortment.
Browse. Discover new things - for yourself and your customers.
Think of everything you send every day.

And then give us a call!

Your Pohl-Scandia GmbH

Phone +49 7835 / 540 940

Strong in Standards.

In Stock: Our Mail & Ship Packaging Solutions at a Glance

Creative in Particular.

Printed Packaging and Bespoke Production

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