Cardboard Envelopes Made of Grassboard


Grass board? What's your advantage?

1. Environmental friendliness
There are many environmental benefits associated with the production of grassboard:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions thanks to lower energy consumption
  • Rapidly regrowing raw material, preserves forests
  • Regional raw material from uncultivated agricultural land or compensation fields
  • Significantly lower water consumption than for cellulose production from wood
  • As well as reduced use of process chemicals in the production
  • Up to 40% grass content, the remaining part is of course made of recycled paper fibre
  • 100% recyclable and compostable: 100% eco-friendly.

2. Attention & Image
The consumer's first experience is the visual and haptic effect, which immediately communicates 100% of the ecological properties of the packaging.
While brown or grey as a standard is no longer noticed in the mass of shipments, this product attracts attention and directly reflects the sender's ecological responsibility.

3. Assurance & Protection 
Please note that some grass board or grass paper products on the market still use virgin cellulose fibres.
With our shipping packaging, you can be sure that in addition to the grass fibre content, the remaining part is made of 100% recycled paper fibres.
The technical properties of the grass board we use are comparable to other recycled cardboard; therefore our packaging offers the same excellent protection.


Application examples

  • Wall stickers, photo books and prints
  • Small textiles such as baby clothing, T-shirts, lingerie
  • Books, magazines, catalogues
  • Handmade, vintage things, and much more.


Product benefits

  • Innovative grassboard - environmentally friendly & resource-saving
  • Solid 400 g/m2 grassboard with high bending and edge protection
  • Powerful peel and seal and convenient opening due to easy-open tear strip
  • Wide opening for fast filling
  • Functional creasing lines to adapt to thicker contents
  • Postage-optimised: Cost-saving Large/Maxi Letter rate
  • Eco-friendly: 100% grass and recycled paper fibre, 100% recyclable
  • Also available with customised print, embossing or in special sizes
BRIEFBOX XSuitable for (~) **

Inside dim.

in mm (max/flat)

Fill height

in mm **

Outside dim. in mmPostage categoryg/pc.Qty./unitQty./palletItem No.
1 X GRASSA5, DVD224 x 170< 25234 x 180 402007.200543180
2 X GRASSA5+260 x 205< 25270 x 215 542006.000543280
3 X GRASSA4, 2 DVD324 x 224< 25334 x 234 751004.400543380
4 X GRASSA4+343 x 240< 25353 x 250Large/Maxi811004.400543480

** with increasing fill height, the internal and external length x with decrease

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