Cardboard Envelopes with WIDE Opening


Application examples

  • Software, DVD and BluRay movies
  • Books, magazines, catalogues
  • Cables, smart phone covers and accessories
  • Face masks, foldable N95 respirators, swabs, collection kits etc.


Product benefits

  • Wide opening for fast filling
  • Extra solid 450 g/m2 cardboard with high bending and edge protection
  • Powerful peel and seal and convenient opening due to easy-open tear strip
  • Functional creasing lines to adapt to thicker contents
  • Postage-optimised: Cost-saving Large/Maxi Letter rate
  • Ecological: Made from more than 80% recycled material, 100% recyclable
  • Also available with customised print, embossing or in special sizes
BRIEFBOX X Suitable for (~)

Inside dim.

in mm (max/flat)

Fill height

in mm **

Outside dim. in mmPostage categoryg/pc.Qty./unitQty./palletItem No.
1 X wA5, DVD224 x 170< 25234 x 180 452007.200543120
2 X wA5+260 x 205< 25270 x 215 612006.000543220
3 X wA4, 2 DVD324 x 224< 25334 x 234 841004.400543320
4 X wA4+343 x 240< 25353 x 250Large/Maxi911004.400543420

** with increasing fill height, the internal and external length x width decrease

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