Filling Material in Dispenser Box 100% Recycling Paper


Application examples

  • For padding toys, decorative items, collector’s items and much more


Product benefits

  • Ready to hand: Immediately available from the convenient dispenser box
  • Endlessly flexible: Suitable amounts of filling as required
  • Requires only a fraction of the storage volume of filling chips or bubble wrap
  • Very economical: 1 box for up to 1.000 parcels
  • Ecological: Made from 100% recycled material, 100% recyclable
  • Ideal: Prevents damage and claims
  • Frustration-free: Avoids dealing with annoying filling chips and bubble wrap
  • If 3 or more boxes are required per month: Optionally available as manual or
    electrical dispenser solution, offering time and price advantage


Suitable forMaterialWeight per rollFilling VolumeQty./unitQty./palletItem No.
BOXFüllmaterialKraftpapier12,5 kgbis ca. 1,5m³450 m32596100
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