Adhesive Signal Tape with Warnings


  • For light to moderately heavy mailing boxes with delicate goods up to 30 kg
  • As supplementary warning on packages ready for dispatch
  • General purpose


Product benefits

  • High signalling effect during the entire shipping route
  • Protection against inappropriate handling
  • Reduced rate of complaints due to storage and transport damage
  • Strong adhesive mass with high initial tack
  • Low-noise unwinding
  • Solvent-free adhesive mass of acrylate on PP-film
  • Overall thickness 55my


PropertiesAdhesiveMat.W in mmL in mQty./unitQty./palletItem No.

Handle with care

red, with printAcrylatePP5066362.376593026

Many other warning texts and designs available. Please send us your enquiry.

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