Corrugated Board Retention Packaging, 2-piece


Application examples

  • Repair and overhaul consignments
  • Camera accessories, smartphones, MP3 player
  • Computer accessories and spare parts
  • Antiques, collector’s items and much more


Product benefits

  • Two-piece mailing packaging: 1 retention inlay + 1 crash lock box with peel and seel
  • Secure retention of the contents by means of highly elastic LDPE special foil
  • V-shaped shock absorber at the bottom formed by the folded-down flaps
  • Saves filling and padding material - goods are already fixed skid- and shock-proof
  • Convenient grip tabs to insert and remove the goods
  • Frustration-free: Convenient opening of the box due to easy-open tear strip
  • Extra solid brown B flute corrugated board, 100% recyclable
  • Also available in special sizes, high-grade materials or with customised print



FIXIERPACKSuitable dim in mm (approx.)Fill height in mm Outside dim. in mm (approx.)Foilg/pc.Qty./unitQty./palletItem No.
210170 x 140< 70205 x 175 x 130LDPE special 60my64203.360583210
230220 x 170< 70255 x 215 x 130LDPE special 60my85203.360583230
250300 x 220< 70340 x 250 x 130LDPE special 60my111202.240583250



SUSIBOXSuitable forInside dim. in mm (approx.)Outside dim. in mm (approx.)g/pc.Qty./unitQty./palletItem No.
10 FPRetention pack 210 / 310210 x 180 x 130215 x 185 x 140120201.560581121
30 FPRetention pack 230 / 330260 x 220 x 130265 x 225 x 140160201.100581171
50 FPRetention pack 250 / 350345 x 256 x 130350 x 260 x 14023020800581501
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