SCANDIA Envelopes Self-adhesive, Time-saving


Application examples

  • General daily letters
  • Mailings to be compiled by hand
  • and many other fast manual enveloping


Product benefits

  • Straight-forward handling: Only 1 raised flap
  • "Time is money" savings benefit: Put letter in envelope - close flap - done!
  • Optimised: No peel-strip, no double flap, no time loss!
  • 80 g/m2 woodfree, white, with or without address window
  • Ecological: 100% recyclable
  • Also available with customised print and advertising benefit due to printed flap
SCANDIA-BU SizegsmAdress windowOutside dimension in mmPostage categoryg/pc.Qty./unitQty./palletItem No.
SCBUL 0709DL80-110 x 220Standard4,51.00080.000502010


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