Paper Envelopes and Paper Mailing Bags


Application examples

  • General daily letters
  • Letter mailings
  • Automatic enveloping machines
  • and much more


Product benefits

  • Many standard qualities and sizes available at short notice
  • From the smallest reply envelope to the largest x-ray envelope
  • With or without address window
  • Ecological: 100% recyclable
  • Also available with customised print and in special sizes


STANDARD ENV / MLR gsmPaperAddress windowOutside dimension in mmPostage categoryg/pc.Qty./unitQty./palletItem No.
Mailing Env. C6/575white-114 x 229Standard4,61.00077.000504015
Mailing Env. C6/5 win75whitefilm114 x 229Standard4,61.00077.000504115
Mailing Env. C490white-324 x 229Large Letter1525021.250509014
Mailing Env. C4 win90whitefilm324 x 229Large Letter1525021.250509514
P&S Env. DL80white-110 x 220Standard4,91.00077.000502012
P&S Env. DL win80whitefilm110 x 220Standard4,91.00077.000502112
P&S Mailer C4100white-229 x 324Large Letter16,425022.250514439
P&S Mailer C4 win100whitefilm229 x 324Large Letter16,425022.250514539
P&S Mailer B4120white-250 x 353Large Letter23,325017.500515456

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